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Car wiring harness usage issues

Article source:News Click:306order Published on:2023-08-03

The car wiring harness connects various components inside the car, transmitting information and instructions. Any problem with the car wiring harness has a significant impact on the safety function of the car's movement. It should be noted that current automotive circuits rely on automotive wiring harnesses to maintain mutual cooperation within the vehicle, so the quality of automotive wiring harness processing products is very important.

The use of internal wiring harnesses in cars constitutes the automotive circuit, allowing the functional operation of various components of the car to be interconnected. Nowadays, the programming of car wiring harnesses is mostly similar, mainly including the power line carrying the driving actuator and the signal line transmitting the induction input command. Generally, the power line is mainly a thick wire carrying current, while the signal line is a thin wire not carrying current.

The larger the cross-sectional area of the wires of the internal components and motors in a car, the greater the relative current capacity. When selecting wires for automotive wire harness processing, manufacturers usually choose wires with good heat resistance and insulation performance. Nowadays, the functions of cars are becoming more and more diverse, and electronic control technology is emerging everywhere. Compared to electrical components and wires, there are also more and more. As the quantity increases, the wire harness becomes thicker and heavier. However, the space in cars is limited. How to make many thick and heavy wire harnesses reasonably spread throughout the car, Moreover, in order to achieve the maximum advantage of these automotive wiring harnesses, there is a challenge for the automotive wiring harness processing profession. topic

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