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Answer to the problem of wire breakage in connecting wire processing

Article source:News Click:207order Published on:2023-08-03

The occurrence of problems during the production of connecting wire processing cannot be completely controlled. It is only necessary to control each step during the production process to avoid quality problems in batch connecting wire processing products. When encountering common and easy problems in connecting wire processing, it is necessary to analyze the causes and find solutions. We will provide an answer to the problem of wire breakage during the processing of connecting wires:

1) Cause of occurrence: Excessive reverse tension

Solution: Adjust the number of coils wound on the drum

2) Cause of occurrence: Impurities in the connecting wire

Solution: The manufacturer of the connecting wire should strengthen the acceptance of raw materials

3) Cause of occurrence: Wet aluminum rod

Solution: Prevent the aluminum rod from getting damp, and temporarily do not use wet aluminum rods

4) Cause of occurrence: poor smoothness

Solution: Check the smoothing system, determine the composition and temperature of the smoothing agent

5) Cause of occurrence: Line pressing on the drum

Solution: Adjust the number of coils wound on the drum and correct the worn drum

6) Cause of occurrence: Unreasonable mold configuration

Solution: Adjust the mold to eliminate the phenomenon of large and small deformation processes

7) Cause of occurrence: Loose joint

Solution: Adjust the current, power on time, and pressure of the welding machine to improve welding quality

8) Cause of occurrence: The shape of the mold hole is incorrect or not smooth

Solution: Strictly follow the standard for mold repair, and the sizing area should not be too long to ensure the smoothness of the mold hole

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