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Connection line processing process

Article source:News Click:516order Published on:2023-08-03

The manufacturer has its own processing process in the processing and production of connecting wires, which not only ensures the quality of the processed wire harness, but also ensures the product quality of the wire harness, preventing the batch occurrence of defective wire harness processing products.

1. Cutting wire: Check the standard type of wire, check the standard, and require that the cut must be flush, not scratch the wire, and the wire should be free of dirt, etc;

2. Peeling: Check if the peeling opening is flush and cannot damage the core wire, marshalling wire, etc., and if the peeling standard is correct;

3. Formation: Check if the trimming standards are correct, if the trimming is flush, and if the core wire cannot be damaged when trimming the formation;

4. Peeling the endothelium: Check if the peeling opening is flush; Is the peeling standard correct; Is there any damage to the core wire or broken copper wire; The insulator cannot fall during half stripping;

5. Sleeve shortened tube: Check if the standard and type of shortened tube are correct;

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