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What are the areas where terminal wires are more prone to problems?

Article source:News Click:242order Published on:2023-08-03

The tightness of the terminals in the insertion process is one of the reasons that affects the quality of terminal wire operations. For example, some terminal wires may have excellent wire quality, but due to poor quality at the terminals, sharp edges at the terminal mouth, and simple detachment when inserted with the other end's eyes, it is necessary to pay attention to the terminal quality issues when purchasing similar wires, Otherwise, due to the poor presentation of a detail, it will affect the entire line of work, and of course, it will be a small loss.

Secondly, a high-quality terminal wire is not only a guarantee for normal operation of the equipment, but also a guarantee for long-term operation of the equipment? Even when there are no issues with the wires, they will be selected due to the defects in the terminal ports. An excellent company is not only because of the high-quality products produced, but also because of the increasing importance of high-quality service level. Therefore, in the production and testing of terminal wires, every aspect of the requirements should be given more attention.

In the process of terminal wire inspection, the quality control department of a company also plays a crucial role. It plays a leading and supervising role in the company's production, and each member is a part of the enterprise. Therefore, in long-term production, it is necessary for each department to cooperate with each other, which can better help to obtain control over some minor issues.

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