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Selection method for connecting wire harness materials

Article source:News Click:194order Published on:2023-08-03

The selection of processing materials for the connecting wires of electrical equipment is also important during the processing process. The material requirements for purchasing different electrical wiring harnesses may vary. The processing of electrical equipment wiring harnesses involves purchasing the raw materials of the wiring harnesses according to the functional requirements of the customer's needs, and then processing the electrical equipment wiring harnesses. Below, the editor will teach you the method of selecting materials for connecting wire harnesses.

1. Wire harness

Wire harness manufacturers need to select suitable wire harness materials based on customer needs;

2. Terminal blocks

The primary materials used for wiring harness processing and terminal blocks are brass and copper. Generally, brass terminals are commonly used, and different coatings can be selected according to different needs;

3. Insulating sheath

The insulation sheath materials used in wire harness processing include PA6, PA66, ABS, PBT, PP, etc. Flame retardant or reinforcing materials can also be added to the plastic according to customer needs;

4. Binding materials

The wrapping materials used for general wiring harnesses are relatively wear-resistant, flame retardant, corrosion-resistant, anti disturbance, low noise, and have a good appearance;

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