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    XT60 female to XT60 male with JST male charger adapter

    XT60 female to XT60 male with JST male charger adapter

    The topic of RC battery connectors will draw your attention because of the advantages you get from them. Connectors are designed to fit together precisely and without gaps. Otherwise, owners or the person working with them will pay a high price in the end. Understanding the differences between male and female connections and which you require the most is a matter of concern. All of these connections serve the same straightforward goal of readily connecting RC Li-Po battery packs to complete an electrical circuit. If you are curious about the application of this battery connector read this article carefully.

    The key difference between male and female connectors:

    A male connector is attached to a piece of wire, cable, or hardware, has one or more exposed, unshielded electrical terminals, and is made to fit snugly within a female connector to provide a strong electrical and physical connection. Male connections may also be referred to as plugs, and female connectors as jacks. The female connectors have a hole in them to accept the male connectors' protruding ends. When a male connection is unplugged or uninstalled, the unshielded electrical prongs are visible, making it easy to identify.

    A two- or three-prong plug affixed to the end of an electrical appliance's cord serves as the most typical male connector. Other typical examples are the connections on the ends of most lengths of coaxial wire and headset plugs. A two- or three-prong electrical outlet, usually referred to as a wall outlet, is the most typical female connector. The connectors for coaxial cable, telephone jacks, and headset jacks are some examples of the female connector.

    XT60 female to XT60 male with JST male charger adapter is used to power electronic devices like cooling fans and LED lights. Make sure the device you connect to the JST connector lead can manage the voltage of the main battery connected to this adapter by being aware of the voltage limit of the device.

    Features of XT60 female to XT60 male with JST male charger adapter:

    • Amount of current: The original nylon XT60 connection can take up to 60A of current for an extended length of time and performs best in applications needing 30A of current. Their broader contact area is the reason behind their ability to carry a wide range of applications.
    • Mini-size: Because of their tiny size, XT60 connections are a good choice. The increased contact area of XT60 plugs is a result of their smaller size which makes them best suitable for high current applications.
    • The material used in construction: XT60 battery connectors are mostly brass and gold-plated. XT60 male and female plugs are made up of insulating material and can withstand high temperatures without being damaged.
    • Non-flammable: The XT60 connectors are non-flammable, whose flame retardant grade has reached UL94V0, which is one of its major key features.
    • Solid grip: Because of its bullet style, XT60 connectors are regarded to provide the finest grip. Their unique design is the reason for their easy-to-handle and easy-to-use properties.
    • Prevention from physical damage: XT60 male and female plugs can be prevented from physical damage because they include a cover to protect the high-strength wires along with silicon coating.
    • Temperature resistance: The resistance of temperature is one of the major attributes of XT60 male and female battery connectors.
    • Reverse polarity: Reverse polarity is prevented by the shape of this standard XT60, and the connection is quite strong when plugged in.
    • Easy to plug and unplug: In addition to the qualities mentioned above, these connectors are easy to plug and unplug providing the safest connection.

    Silicon wire:

    XT60 connectors along with silicone wire of 14AWG are helpful while connecting your battery and ESC to connectors. These commonly used Li-PO battery connections, model number XT60 Female with 12AWG Silicon Wire 10cm, and make it simpler to connect the battery to the motor. Some significant properties of the silicon wire used in XT60 battery connections make them appropriate for electrical applications. Silicon is a type of synthetic rubber that can resist chemicals and ultraviolet rays. Due to its ability to withstand extreme temperatures, silicone is commonly utilized in heating systems. Silicone has a broad temperature range, making it useful in many industries.

    Soldering of XT60 connectors:

    There are only a few simple steps required to solder the XT60 connections. If there is an old connection, you must first cut it. The connecting cable has to be ready at that point. The wire must now be soldered to the connection. Additionally, tinning the connection should be done before joining. Keep in mind that a wire connection might temporarily retain heat. Till you are certain that the connection has cooled, do not touch it. You can use an appropriate method to maintain the connection. If the solder and tinning quality is good, no hard wiring is required. In the last step, you need to wrap the electric tape around the connector for safety purposes. If these connections remain exposed they can be dangerous.


    Applications of XT60 battery connectors:

    XT60 female to XT60 male with JST male charger adapter has a wide range of applications in drones, airplanes, Jets, cars, and RC boats.


    As, the whole discussion in this article was about the key features, soldering techniques, and applications of XT60 female to XT60 male with JST male charger adapter and it is probably clear now whether this connector is suitable for your required applications or not. Now the question arises here about where you should buy these connectors. Kelemax is one of the fastest growing brands of RC connectors that develop battery connectors, plugs, and wires according to your choice. Easy to solder, and simple to plug and unplug are some of the common qualities of our high-quality products.

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