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    3 Wire Connector Plugs Working Principals 2022


    What are banana plugs and what are they for

    Firstly, 3 wire connector banana plugs - also known as spring-loaded plugs - are electrical connectors that are most often use to connect audio equipment. Banana connectors consist of "male" plugs and "female" jacks. Most often they have both elements, so they can use as adapters or adapters.

    Wire Connector Plugs

    In the following article you will find the most important information about this particular type of plug and a handful of tips on choosing the right banana connector.

    Banana plug sizes

    Secondly, 3 wire connector banana plugs most often come in two sizes: standard (4 mm) or miniature (2 mm). It is important because a plug of a certain thickness will fit only a specific socket. Most of the accessories on the market have classic connectors of the sizes mentioned above.

    As a result, device compatibility problems are rare. However, to avoid the necessity to replace the equipment or file a complaint, always check the dimensions of your socket and plug.

    What to consider when choosing a banana plug?

    As well as, when choosing 3 wire connector plugs you should pay attention to a few key aspects that characterize this type of connector, production quality. This is a very important issue that affects the durability and proper operation of the plug.

    The plug goes into the socket smoothly; do you need to use a little force? Is the finish rough or smooth? It all proves that the entire plug was made.

    What are banana plug made of?

    High-class 3 wire connector plugs are most often made of copper and zinc alloys. Gold-plated or nickel-plated terminals are also commonly use, which extend the life of the cable. In fact, if a particular plug model dominates by a plastic finish, it may be a sign of poor quality.

    Ease of assembly. Connecting a banana plug to a socket is not a difficult task. There are, however, models where the process is even smoother. Read the description and photos of a specific product carefully before you decide to buy it.

    Dual banana plugs packaging

    Moreover, dual 3 wire connector banana plugs two plugs pack into one device. They have been design so as to enable the connection of two wires without the risk of a short circuit between the contacts. These models also often include one or two banana sockets and a single cable outlet.

    Dual plugs can be useful if you have a lot of audio equipment in your home and you want to reduce the amount of tangled cables.

    The advantages of banana plugs in the speakers

    The use of 3 wire connector plugs has many benefits. Not only do they significantly simplify the assembly process - they also ensure high sound quality.

    Simply bonding two bare wires together can be unreliable. Further, they have a tendency to twist with each other, which can negatively affect the perception of sound. 3 wire connector plugs effectively prevent this type of problem. They will also allow you to keep the cables in order, and thus save a lot of time and nerves.

    In addition, proper protection of the speaker cables is essential if you want to ensure the safety of the entire connection. Banana plugs eliminate the risk of a short circuit; make it easier to carry the equipment, as well as to clean around the speakers.

    What are the popular "bananas" and how they assemble?

    Two straight 3 wire connector plugs


    • How to mount them
    • How to insert banana plugs
    • What are banana plugs and what are they for?
    • Banana plug unscrewed

    As well as, good audio sets usually connect with each other by numerous wires. The quality of 3 wire connector plugs performance also largely determines the sound quality. The tangle of cables is unfortunately unsightly and also makes cleaning difficult.

    This often happens when vacuuming or repositioning the column. If you want to do it non-invasively, you should disconnect the cable and reconnect it earlier - it would take at least a few, if not several minutes.

    Wire Connector Plugs 2022

    What are the benefits of banana plug?

    Various types of 3 wire connector plugs, couplings and sockets come to the rescue. In the discussed case, the best choice will be banana plugs, which ensure quick and easy connection of audio systems, e.g. loudspeakers with a receiver.

    Appropriate manufacturers' safeguards and rigid mounting protect the cable against accidental unfastening. By investing in banana plugs, you save the time that you would spend on reattaching the lines. Detaching and attaching is completely safe, and the whole operation takes no more than a dozen seconds.

    How characterized banana plug?

    It characterizes by a body made of high quality plastic and a contact surface cover with 24-carat gold. This combination guarantees long-term durability and crystal clear sound, free from noise and distortions.

    Wire connector plugs are suitable for cables with a maximum cross section of 4 mm. Only two screws use for their assembly. They work well when connecting games consoles, stereo audio systems and home theater.

    The 24-carat gold use for their production protects against oxidation and provides the highest quality signal transmission.

    In addition to gold, 3 wire connector banana plugs are also made of pure copper, silver and hybrid solutions. Banana plugs can purchase in various shapes - the most popular is classic, straight, but there are also 45-90 degree angled ones.

    How to mount a banana plug?

    A properly mounted banana plug is enough for years of use. Before buying, however, make sure which banana plugs need and compatible with your audio equipment. To do this, check the audio inputs and outputs use in it.

    • First, remove the cable jacket and then strip approximately 1.5-2 cm of insulation from each plus and minus wire. Be sure to do this gently and do not damage the cable itself!
    • Then prepare the 3wire connector plugs by removing its cover. Most often it is enough to unscrew it.
    • Remove the two screws from the plug.

    You will need a small screwdriver for this task

    Insert the bare speaker cable into the 3 wire connector banana plug and tighten the screws until they stop. They should clamp the cord.

    • In the last step, screw the cover onto the banana plug.

    These six simple points are all you need to enjoy a speaker cord protected against tearing and damage. To extend the life of the 3 wire connector plugs, you can additionally protect them with a heat-shrinkable sleeve.