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    How to Use RC LiPO battery Charger connector wire?


    RC LiPO battery Charger connector wire
    At 100%, the maximum discharge current of the RC LiPO battery Charger connector wire when flying with the GF5149 wing discharges to 43.19A, our quad has 4 motors. The maximum discharge current for the quad is: 43.19 x 4 = 172.76A.

    If using a 2000mAh (2A) battery, we will choose a discharge current < 87C, if a battery with a 1500mah (1.5A) battery, a discharge current < 115C.

    Usually, when calculating, looking at the manufacturer's test table, we should take it at the 90% mark and then calculate it to be safer than 100%.

    Here is the suggested battery capacity for the sizes

    • 6inch: 1500mAh ~2200mAh
    • 5inch: 1300mAh ~ 1800mAh
    • 3inch: 650~1000mAh

    How to charge a LiPo battery?

    The first thing to note is where the battery will charge with RC lipo battery charger connector wire. Because of its flammable nature, when charging the battery, we also need to pay attention to charging in a well-ventilated place, avoid being around a lot of cloth, paper, wood, or other electronics and electrical outlets.

    When charging, it is best to sit next to me so that if there is a problem, I can react promptly. The first thing to do is to turn off the power first, then do whatever you need to do - never be too impatient to disconnect the power but hold a basin of water and pour it in and you will die.

    Charging with how much power is reasonable?

    There is a conversion formula as follows: Easy to remember: 1300mAh battery chooses 1.3A RC lipo battery charger connector wire charging current; 2000mAh is 2A; 850 mAh is 0.8A.

    It corresponds to 1C x [battery capacity converted to A] charge. There are some battery lines that can fast charge up to 3C or 5C, but if you are not sure whether your battery supports it or not, you should only charge it at 1C.

    Charging Lipo battery some charging modes need to know

    + Balance charge: As far as I understand, it will synchronously charge each cell to the maximum mark to ensure that the cells balance each other's Volt.

    + Direct charge (Fast charge): Charge 1 time all the time, RC lipo battery charger connector wire charging like this will be faster, but there may be occasional cases where the 1.2 cell error cell will not have enough Volts. If you miss charging like this, you can go to the Balance tab to rebalance.

    + Storage Charge: Discharge the battery when not in use to safe storage voltage: 3.8~3.85V or pull the battery that is too low to the storage voltage.

    Always be careful when charging these batteries

    Note: Do not discharge or use batteries below 3V, below 3.5V is too much and remember to always be careful when charging these batteries.

    But if the discharge current is too high for the quad, the quad will not give better performance; only the battery will make the quad heavier, the quad must also add weight which reduces the flight time.

    Generally, RC lipo battery charger connector wire has higher the discharge current, the more expensive the battery. Therefore, if you do not have much money, do not choose a battery with a discharge current that is too high for your needs.

    Lipo Battery Balancing

    As mentioned above, a battery cell when fully charged 100% will have a voltage of 4.2V/cell. With a single-cell battery (Lipo 3.7V battery) you don't need to worry about balance, RC lipo battery charger connector wire charge battery will automatically stop when the voltage reaches 100%, which is 4.2V.

    How can we measure the voltage of battery?

    However, in a Lipo battery with more than one cell, if only measuring the voltage at the two ends of the charger cannot determine the voltage difference between the cells and maybe a cell is exceeded even though the total voltage of the whole battery is displayed correctly.

    RC LiPO battery Charger connector wire 2022

    RC lipo battery charger connector wire has age of 11.1V (3.7V x 3). The voltage when fully charged to 100% will be 12.6V (4.2V x 3 = 12.6V). Our reliable charger is set to 11.1V for Lipo batteries and will stop charging when 12.6V is enough, very simple right.

    What happens when one of the three cells is charged faster than the other 2?

    RC lipo battery charger connector wire balancing maybe 2 new cells charge to 4.1V, the other cell charges a little faster and cross the threshold up to 4.4V before the charger stops charging at 12.6V. That will definitely damage that battery cell and possibly cause an explosion.

    For a new, good battery, the voltage difference between the cells is very small. However, when the battery uses a lot and is old, the voltage difference between the battery cells cannot be ignored. Even a voltage difference of 0.1V (100mV) between cells causes fire hazards and battery damage over time.

    You do not need to balance the RC lipo battery charger connector wire every time you charge it. Most only need to charge the balance after 10 or 20 charges for a healthy battery pack, the point is you have to know your battery is healthy (good). Cells in old batteries often become unstable.

    The four main culprits for shortening LiPo battery life are

    • HOT
    • OVER DISCHARGE (current and voltage)
    • OVER CHARGING (current and voltage)

    Types of LiHV LiPo battery

    LiHV is another form of LiPo battery, HV stands for High Voltage – ie high capacity battery. RC lipo battery charger connector wire battery stores more energy than normal LiPo batteries and can charge up to 4.35V per cell.

    However, many opinions believe that this battery line used for quads will be very quickly damaged, have a poor lifespan, so almost no one uses it much. This battery I see you guys often use for TX

    How to choose batteries for quad?

    To choose a RC lipo battery charger connector wire, you must first understand what type of battery your quad is configured to fly?

    Usually, to know what the maximum discharge current is, you should find your motor parameters by searching for the motor name and then see the manufacturer's parameters.

    You have to estimate how much current the motor you use when running with 100% throttle will consume. For example, 30A, you should choose a battery with a continuous discharge current <40A.