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    Female Connector Plug: How to install?


    What is female banana connector plug?

    In order for your audio equipment to function properly, it is essential that every component is perfectly matched - from the speakers to the cables. The places where individual parts connect are also important. That's why, when choosing cables, the second most important thing is to choose the right female connector plug.

    Female Connector Plug

    The female connector plug characteristic easy and quick connection of equipment significantly facilitates everyday activities. This is for both cleaning and moving the speakers. The banana plug will jump out of the place of connection with ease and will snap back into it just as easily. It comes without the risk of detaching from the cable itself.

    In addition to making it easy to move your equipment and clean around it, banana plugs also keep things safe. A properly selected banana plug will protect the cables and reduce the risk of short circuits.

    Electronic equipment store for banana plugs

    A solid structure of female connector plug is a guarantee of many years of durability at an attractive price. The banana plug is often a part that we forget about. Moreover, it is worth buying it and thus significantly facilitating the use of all kinds of electronic equipment.

    Sometimes you also want to show off your new audio equipment in front of your friends. To do this, it needs to move - which can cause complications. It takes some time to switch the cables. How much more convenient it would be to sit on the couch and relax… Banana plugs come to the rescue.

    Why is it worth investing in banana plugs?

    Imagine that your audio equipment has just been plug in, but has not been equip with a pitchfork or a female connector plug. Like every Saturday, you start cleaning and run the vacuum cleaner. A few quick movements and the whole room are almost sparkling. There is still the office space to tidy up.

    So you direct the vacuum towards it and after a while you see a strong jerk tearing the cables out of the loudspeaker.  And even if it doesn't split into several veins, it can get damage quickly. Your money wastes.

    A properly install female connector plug will last for years before it wears out.

    How To Choose Good Banana Plugs?

    The banana plug is the most popular type of female connector plug - the most standard model is the 4mm banana plug. Each model consists of a metal cylinder-shape pin or an undeveloped lily flower, which is up to 30 millimeters long. The lilac banana plug tends to be rather loose, so it is usually chosen by those who appreciate the high mobility of the equipment.

    Although it is important that the banana plug is silver-plated or gold-plated, the material from which it is made is equally important. A good banana plug is to guarantee smooth flow and longevity of the equipment. It is best if it is made of copper or silver - just like a speaker cable.

    However, it must admit that the cable and female connector plug are rarely made of the same material.

    What to remember when installing banana plugs?

    Like any product, the banana plug has its pros and cons. Although it is a safe standard in many devices, some may have problems connecting it. Even a standard 4mm banana plug can bend and break excessively if incorrectly install.

    Therefore, for safety reasons, you must ensure that you have enough space when connecting, and do not connect the plug in a hurry or forcefully. Banana plugs also handle heavy cables badly. Make sure you relieve them properly - otherwise they may fall out or break.

    A simple solution for your home

    We know that high-quality female connector plug are the basis, which is why in our offer you will find plugs made of pure copper or silver, as well as hybrid solutions. We have both classic-shape plugs and less common angular models that will work well in any, even the most demanding, conditions.

    Female Connector Plug 2022

     A wide selection of colors and materials will certainly make it easier for you to use home electronics.

    Banana plugs design

    A standard female connector plug also calls a spring-loaded banana plug, sometimes a lamellar plug has a diameter of 4 mm and is a connector designs primarily for low and medium electric current connections. It owes its name to the banana-shape leaf spring with which the plug sits relatively firmly in the socket, but can still be freely releases from it without the need for tools.

    The plug, which still uses successfully, develops in 1924 by Hirschmann GmbH to replace the spring terminals and screw connections previously use in test installations. While similar plug connections already existed.

    Female connector plug advantage

    The product female connector plug offers such advantages due to its general that it became a "quasi standard" in laboratory technology. Today, banana plugs and complementary, equally simple sockets are still massively use simple, reliable, long-lasting and very cheap electrical connector for signal and current transmission.

    A wide range of banana plugs at Firma Kelemax

    Female connector plug come in many designs. For laboratory setups, a coupling or a transverse hole in the coupling is almost always available, allowing additional couplings to quickly connect to a specific point in the test setup.

    In the popular configuration we offer, you can choose the diameter (from 1 to 4 mm), length (from 19 to 36 mm) depending on the available in wide range. Additionally, the quality of the joint can adjust by selecting the contact material (nickel-plate or gold-plate brass, nickel-plate bronze, metal).


    Our female connector plug connects to an electric wire in several different ways. The most numerous are models with soldered and screwed conductors, which guarantee very good connection strength. There are also plug-in and spring-loaded cables.

    By using cheap and reliable plugs sold by Kelemax, we make it easier to use various types of electrical equipment, especially audio. Disconnecting and connecting peripheral devices with their help is quick and easy, and even using them multiple times does not reduce the quality of connections obtain with them. They very long-live.