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    Features of FUTABA servo wire


    RC servo controllers, RC receivers, and motor controllers may all be connected with the use of a servo lead extension (Futaba) cable. This Servo Lead Extension has connections in the "FUTABA" style. On one side of this, there is a male connector, and on the other, a female connector.

    Since the creation of the wheels in 3,500 B.C., technology has advanced significantly. Humans are now able to live and work more easily and productively thanks to technological improvements. Some of the most significant daily innovations have gone lost in the shuffle and people have over time lost sight of their significance due to the hundreds of thousands of technological advancements that have occurred throughout history.

    Unbeknownst to the majority of people, components like servo motors significantly contribute to making people's lives simpler daily. Let's first examine servo motors and their function before talking about the specifications of the FUTABA servo wire.


    What is a servo motor?


    A rotary operator that permits precise angular position control is a servo motor. It has a motor and a position feedback sensor linked to it.


    Purpose of servo motor:


    Your electronics projects may easily incorporate motion with the help of servo motors. They were initially utilized in remote-controlled automobiles and aircraft, but they now appear in a variety of other uses. They are helpful because you can carefully regulate where these motors are positioned.


    Servo wires:

    In servo motors, power, ground, and signal cables are the three different types of wires that are employed.
    Most common RC servos have three wires, each of which has a distinct color. Typically, they are brown, red, and orange/yellow, or black, red, and white.


    • The ground wire is brown or black in color which is the negative terminal of the battery.
    • The servo power wire is red in color which is the positive terminal of the battery.
    • The Signal wire of servos is white, blue, orange, or yellow in color.


    Similar to servo connections, the RC industry has modified a very standard design for our activity. The majority of the wire used for servo leads and extensions has a higher strand count and more flexible insulation than you would typically find. More flexible and able to endure repeated flexing and motion are the finer copper strands.

    Depending on your use, you may choose between these excellent options. The economy wire is generally the best option for any lengthy lines because it is less expensive and, because of its sturdier construction, will be much simpler to route around wings or other obstructions. Additionally, compared to softer wires, it has thicker insulation that would withstand abuse better.

    The high-strand-count materials are the best choice if you want extreme flexibility or work in a high-vibration environment (such as a helicopter). A wire with more strands will withstand repeated flexing longer.


    Silicone insulated servo wire:


    Now, silicone-insulated servo wire is becoming more and more common. It is frequently offered in 20–22AWG, and its popularity is presumably due to the silicone insulation, which makes it very flexible.

    Another benefit is that silicone won't melt at greater temperatures. If you've ever shorted out a battery, you may be familiar with the self-destruction that happens when the high current flow heats the battery leads and melts the insulation; even if you fix the original short, the leads may have drifted into each other and made a new one, and the only way to fix it is to yank the leads off as quickly as you can or throw the entire thing outside in the snow. Silicone insulated servo wire would be advisable to use solely for battery leads.


    Servo wire is twisted or ribbon form:


    The three conductors of the majority of servo wire are fused side by side and marketed as ribbons. Some servo wire is sold in its twisted form, which consists of three wires that have been simply spiral-twisted.


    Wire Size:


    The American Wire Gauge (AWG) range for servo wire is from thick 20AWG to very thin 30AWG. Standard servos are often equipped by manufacturers with 24-26AWG wire, 26-28AWG wire for micro servos, and 28-30AWG wire for Nano /Pico servos. Many of the digital servos with higher power are now equipped with 20–22AWG wire.

    You should take the length of the wire into account in addition to the servo when choosing the type of wire to use. To lower the electrical resistance to the servo, the wire should be thicker for longer runs. The application you want to perform should be considered before selecting servo wires.


    Compatibility of FUTABA servo wire and JR servo wire:


    The connector offered with the JR Male to Futaba Female Type Servo Extension Wires makes it easy to connect your servos to your applications and offers secure connections. These cables are made of silicone that is flexible and temperature resistant and includes high-quality sockets and pins. The JR Male to Futaba Female Type Servo Extension Wire is a high-quality item that we supply to make connections simpler.


    Distinct features of FUTABA servo wires:


    • The distinguishing feature of silicone cable is its consistent elasticity. Silicone wires are among the most versatile items on the market since they must be bent in industrial applications to modify the cable for different needs. They can withstand considerable bending for a range of uses.
    • It can keep its original shape despite unfavorable temperature circumstances because of its suitable molecular structure. Silicone wires retain their original shape even after prolonged pressure exposure.
    • Even under prolonged tension, servo wires maintain their original form. Switch to silicone cables if you are working with wires that permanently bend when compressed.
    • Reliability and safety are among the other important characteristics of FUTABA servo wire.




    Now that you are sufficiently knowledgeable about servo wires and their properties, the issue of where to get them arises. For this, trust Kelemax, which offers high-quality, reasonably priced FUTABA servo wires.

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