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    How to conduct self-diagnosis of electrical plug connector?


    electrical plug connector
    Electrical plug connector
     connects the wires. It is through them that a low voltage current passes, forming a spark that carries the current. The design of the cables is quite simple: they have a core made of copper, fiberglass, graphite or other material, a braid that gives rigidity and protects against breaking the contact, a dielectric and an outer sheath.

    High Quality Electrical Plug Connector

    High-quality plug connectors serve for a long time and do not require replacement throughout the entire period of vehicle operation.

    Common causes of electrical plug connector failure

    The electrical plug connector can wear out; fail due to inaccurate replacement of equipment, as a result of a strong blow (for example, during an accident) or fuel and lubricants, moisture, and for many other reasons. Even reliable insulation cannot last forever.

    The main faults include:

    • broken contact between the tip and the coil or spark plugs
    • damage to the core near the junction or in any other area
    • increase in resistance to critically high values
    • Exposed wiring, resulting in a leak.

    If the electrical plug connector stops supplying current, or does so intermittently due to a lost contact, the motor starts to run incorrectly. The cylinders stop moving synchronously, as a result, vibration appears, and the engine "troit" even at idle. The fuel consumption and the color of the exhaust gas change.

    When an electric charge appears at the break point, the voltage drops, sparks and an electromagnetic pulse appear which disrupts the operation of not only the radio, but also electronic sensors.

    How to conduct self-diagnosis of electrical plug connector?

    You will need a tester to check the condition of the cables. It can be anything - even analog. It is important that it be of sufficient quality, otherwise it may fail due to high voltage.

    If you don't have a tester, other methods can be used. Use them in combination or separately, depending on the situation.

    Visual inspection

    It is best to check the electrical plug connector in the garage; where there is good lighting and you can turn the lights on and off.

    First, start the small engine and turn off the lights. Assess the condition of the cables and their connections in the dark. It is important to:

    • there was no noticeable glow around them (a slight glow is permissible in some cases);
    • Similarly, no sparks were produced during the application of current.
    • Both the first and second directly indicate damage.


    Turn on the lights, turn off the engine and inspect the wires. Be sure to remove the key from the ignition and remove the terminal from the battery. During the visual assessment process, pay attention to:

    • for cracks, holes in insulation
    • Moreover, Strong bends, fractures.

    If there are no visible defects, do not rush to complete the diagnosis: many problems do not appear for a long time, but already affect the operation of the engine and electronics.

    Installing a Spare Cable with electrical plug connector

    The easiest way to check the serviceability is to put a working wire. It must be long. One is enough: alternately put it in the place of the regular one and start the engine.

    As soon as you stumble upon a faulty one and change it to a new one, the operation of the engine will noticeably change. It will stop “troiting”, and the color of the exhaust will become different.

    If you haven’t noticed any changes, most likely the problem is in the spark plug, coil, or, in general, in another part of the car.

    The use of an insulated "tester" wire

    An ordinary cable can become a kind of alternative to a multimeter. Bare its ends, connect one to the "mass", and run the second along the entire length of the electrical plug connector, as well as along the terminal with a cap. In addition, pay special attention to bends and connections.
    electrical plug connector 2022

    A spark will appear at the breakdown site at the end of your impromptu measuring device. Be careful not to touch the metal parts during the test.

    Diagnostics with a tester

    This is the easiest and most reliable way to verify the breakdown and find a damaged cable. First, switch the device to ohmmeter mode - you need to measure the resistance. In a serviceable plug connector, it should be from 2.5 to 12 kOhm - depending on the car model and the characteristics of the auto electric components. If the value is much higher, a gap has occurred.

    Before diagnosing, be sure to check what the resistance of your wires should be. This can be obtained from the manufacturer or directly on the insulation, where the marking should be.

    The check is performed in the following order:

    • remove the cable from the electrical plug connector, and then disconnect it from the coil or distributor;
    • attach tester probes to both tips;
    • Evaluate the measurement results.

    It is important that the spread of the obtained values ​​does not exceed 4 kΩ. If one wire reads 2.5 kΩ and the other wire shows 7 kΩ, the kit should be replaced.

    A few recommendations to install electrical plug connector

    Working with high-voltage cables is dangerous, so it is best to contact a professional auto electrician or service. If you still want to do this work yourself, read the safety instructions. Let me give you a few more tips.

    Do not touch bare wires or cables with defective insulation with bare hands, even if the system is not powered. It is best to have dielectric gloves with you.

    If there are defects on the surface of the electrical plug connector, and the engine begins to “troit”, it is necessary to buy new ones and install them in place of the damaged ones. Do not wait for the right moment - go to the store or service.

    How to save money on electrical plug connector?

    Don't save money by buying one at a time. Change the entire kit, including the one that leads from the coil to the distributor or ECU. Otherwise, you will have to start working again in one or two months.

    Choose parts, focusing not on cost, but on technical characteristics. It is important that they comply with GOSTs or ISO ideally fit your car or drone.