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    Different types of the lipo battery connector

    What are lipo batteries and Lipo battery connector?

    A rechargeable battery known as a lithium-polymer battery (LiPo) employs lithium as one of the electrodes and solid polymer as the electrolyte in real LiPo batteries. Commercially accessible LiPo are hybrids, more properly known as lithium-ion polymer batteries, which can be either liquid electrolyte or gel polymer in a pouch configuration.


    What makes Lipo battery connector suitable?


    Because of their soft shells, lithium-polymer batteries are light-weighted and more flexible than other types of lithium-ion batteries, making them suitable for usage in remote control cars, other electronic gadgets, and mobile devices.


    Different types of the lipo battery connector:


    Different types of lipo battery connector and their intended uses are given below. The appropriate connector depends on personal preference and the battery's intended application; for example, high-performance engines require a burst of extremely high current.


    Balance connector:


    All LiPo batteries have two connections: a connector for powering your drone and a JST-XH balance plug for charging the individual cells alone typically. This practical small JST adapter uses the balance port to use plug-and-play technology to power your auxiliary equipment.

    Although all balancing connections operate on the same fundamental principles, several manufacturers employ slightly different wiring orders. To switch from one balancing connector to another, adaptors are easily accessible. However, it's crucial to be aware of the type of connector that your chargers, batteries, lipo alarms, balancers, and utilize.


    JST battery connector:


    Small battery packs under 1500 mAH can be connected using JST RCY Connectors. These connections are small and inexpensive. They are easy to plug and unplug.


    Current carrying capacity:


    JST battery connectors are tiny power connectors with a 5 Amp maximum current capacity. These connections are small, inexpensive, and easy to plug and unplug.




    Small models, toys, and lipo packs frequently have this type of power hookup. The motherboard, fans, disc drive, visual card, and CD/DVD drives are all powered by these tiny connections.


    Deans or T connectors:


    These connections are composed of high-temperature nylon and have sockets or spring pins with gold plating built right in. They are quite easy to handle, and soldering wires is not a problem at all. They are "non-sex-specific," which implies that neither a male nor a female plug is required. For both of them, only one plug is required.


    Current carrying capacity:


    The Deans "Ultra" connectors have a continuous load rating of 60 Amps and a burst rating of up to 75 Amp & higher.




    They need heat shrink to insulate the positive and negative terminals before soldering. Its small size for the present rating is one of its outstanding qualities. Deans connections can be the best option if your RC model or other application requires extremely close spacing for fitting reasons only.

    EC3 battery connector:


    This connection uses hollow pin ends to solder wires, so you don't have to be concerned about your plastic housing. There is no melting strain since these pins are securely fastened to the connection.


    Current carrying capacity:


    Due to their real "bullet type" connecting pins and capacity for continuous loads of up to 60 amps, EC3s are quickly gaining popularity.




    Electric power applications are ideal for EC3 connectors, leads with connectors, and accessories, which operate with any battery, charger, ESC, Power Meter, etc.

    EC5 battery connector:

    These are a longer variant of the EC3 and offer a larger surface area for contact since the bullet pins are longer (5mm). Although they are the priciest connections on the market, they provide an excellent answer for situations involving very high currents.


    Current carrying capacity:


    With 10 or 8 AWG wire, 5mm banana or EC5 connections can handle up to 120 continuous amps. Because jump starters and other portable power devices now frequently use this connection, its popularity has increased dramatically.




    For high-power applications, they are perfect. They are ideal for use with electric hail between 700 and 800 mm in size. Batteries for RC vehicles and huge electric planes are also made with them.


    XT60 battery connector:


    Due to its low cost and general performance, XT-60 connectors are growing in popularity. To facilitate soldering the wire easier and cleaner, the connections contain solder cups. Because they are polarity specific, it is impossible to inadvertently plug a battery or component in reverse.


    Current carrying capacity:


    The XT60 offers a reliable connection for applications up to a continuous 60 amps since it is made of high-temperature nylon and has spring connections that are gold-plated.




    XT60 connectors are excellent for RC quadcopters, drones, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), planes and jets, cars and trucks, and RC boats.


    XT90 battery connector:


    The XT90 is a significantly bigger connection that is based on the original XT60 design. They are designed for bigger gauge wire and substantially greater currents.


    Current carrying capacity:


    The connection can take currents up to 90 amps and is relatively simple to solder.

    Connectors for battery packs in electric vehicles, solar battery terminals, RC batteries, and drone batteries.


    TRX battery connectors:

    They use a flat contact tab over a connector pin in the bullet design, just as Deans connection. it is fully protected, there is no need to be concerned about melting. Because a specialized instrument is required to remove a pin, this process might be challenging.


    Current carrying capacity:


    You can use this for other applications that are ready within the 60 Amp current ranges.




    TRX connectors can be used with high-density battery packs. Traxxas RC boats and other vehicles may utilize this style of RC battery connection.


    Banana plug:


    Banana plugs are the last type of lipo battery connector I'll describe. Different bullet pins of various sizes can be used in this connection, and the current ratings change depending on the size of the bullet. The "Banana Plugs" is another name for these connections. The length of each variation's bullet is what determines it.




    We at kelemax provide a variety of lipo battery connector such as the XT60, XT90, Nylon T type, HXT, Banana, JST, EC3, etc. Our connectors are made of high-quality materials to ensure that you always get the best connection, regardless of your application.

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