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    Charger Adapter Plug: 5 Simple Things To Remember


    Charger Adapter Plug
    Charger adapter plug
     or adapter sockets help you convert your plug to another type of plug. It is suitable for the type of outlet you need. When going on a business trip or traveling abroad. It is extremely necessary to equip yourself with an adapter that is suitable for the type of outlet of the host country.

    In addition, when buying imported household electrical products, you will also need a converter to be able to use it in Vietnam.

    In this article, we will accompany you through some criteria when choosing to buy a converter plug. Top best plugs will be introduced later in the article. Let's get started!

    Criteria for Choosing to Buy Conversion Plugs

    When choosing to buy a conversion plug, to choose the right type, you should refer to the following criteria:

    • Choose the right plug for the outlet at your destination:

    Socket type may vary by locality.

    • Choose the charger adapter plugaccording to the purpose of use: standard conversion plug when traveling abroad, multi-purpose type when traveling abroad or traveling to China.
    • Check the charging location for the USB port: reduce the number of items to carry.
    • Check the portability of the adapter: choose the lighter the better

    Choose Plugs by Purpose

    There are 2 types of adapter plugs: the standard one that converts to 1 type of plug and the universal one that converts too many different types of plugs. Besides, some products are also designed in sets with many plugs inside. Let's take a look at the characteristics of each type right below.

    Standard Switching Plug: Fixed Demand

    The standard converter plug is suitable for those who travel abroad not too often. Compared with the universal plug, the standard type has a moderate price and is more commonly sold, easy to find and buy.

    In addition, if you are planning to go to a certain group of countries where socket types are compatible, this will be a sufficient choice.

    Versatile Type: The Need to Use Different Types of Plugs


    With the universal charger adapter plug, you can find one that has multiple plugs arranged on one device, and one that requires different plugs to change when in use.

    For people who often travel or go on business trips in many countries, having different plugs is very convenient because you do not need to prepare each plug corresponding to each region you intend to visit.

    This is also the right choice for those who are preparing to go to China. In this country, up to 7 types of sockets and plugs uses at the same time. Therefore, the universal adapter with many different types of plugs will meet the needs of use in all areas.

    Check Charging Location for USB Type

    Some charger adapter plug equip with a USB port for charging smartphones and other devices. If you want to reduce the number of items you need to carry, such as a charger, a USB port will be the right choice.

    However, this type of adapter is often large in size, so you cannot plug it into an electrical outlet if the plug area is too narrow. Besides, the rather heavy weight is the reason why the converter is easy to fall.

    The type with USB port is very convenient if you use it in certain places like hotels. But if you need to use it at an airport or a coffee shop, it's better to choose a charger adapter plug without a USB port.

    Check the Portability of the Adapter

    When traveling, a highly portable converter plug comes in handy. You can consider some of the following criteria to choose a product with high mobility.

    Choose Plugs as Compact As Possible

    The first important point is to choose the most compact and lightweight plug possible. You can choose products that are lightweight, not too bulky and cause trouble when carrying in your pocket.

    However, multi-function plugs, adapters or USB ports are usually larger and heavier. In this case, consider what will be your preference between weight and functionality.

    Other Types of Sockets

    In addition to the products in the article, we also have a number of articles on other types of USB sockets and charger adapter plug that you may need when traveling or working abroad. Let's go through it together.
    Charger Adapter Plug 2022

    To complicate matters further, this deployed plug has two standards, a version that supports up to 10 amps and another that supports up to 20 amps. All products that require more than 10 amps are sold with a larger diameter plug that will not fit into 10 amp outlets.

    Many of the people, who change the outlets at home at the time, didn’t care for this detail and ended up installing only 10 amp outlets at home. By the way, this error is still common today. As a result, high wattage products do not fit into many outlets in homes with the current plug.

    A decade later and we are still experiencing the impact of this change. Many homes still have old plugs or 10 amp outlets to plug in items that require more current. We have many outlet adapter companies producing bad products, without wanting to have the INMETRO security seal.

    What are the main problems with Charger adapter plug?

    You may have noticed that the products you have at home with higher power usually have thicker cables. This is to prevent the electrical wire from heating up in the process of passing electrons.

    Basically, the greater the power, the greater the flow of electrons, and if there is a restriction in the path, the consequence is the generation of heat. Therefore, the adapter plug has to "hug" as much of the contact with metal inside the adapter as possible.

    If this contact happens to be partial, a very large passage of electrons in a very small space requires. This can happen with plugs with loose contacts, with internally bent contact pins, adapters with thin metal plates to carry out the adaptation. See below for an adapter with partial plug contact.

    We must never play with electricity. Behind a poorly makes Charger adapter plug or a bad quality socket can have gigantic consequences for our homes. So, here are some tips to ensure the safety of your product and the safety of your home.