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    Which is the best car charger adapter plug in 2022?


    How to choose a car charger adapter?

    When the phone is discharged, the need for it increases dramatically. Call a friend; write a message, read the news on the Internet ... The only desire arises - to immediately put the gadget on charge. At home or in the office, this will not cause difficulties. You simply need car charger adapter plug.

    car charger adapter plug

    But what if you are in the car and will not soon find yourself next to the coveted outlet? A way out of this situation has been found: the modern technology market offers a wide range of car phone chargers.

    Which car charger should you choose?

    Determining the design features

    By type of connection are divided into two groups:

    • wired - connected directly to the car's electronic system, and charging equipment using a USB cable;
    • wireless - transmitting energy using a high-frequency magnetic field, which is then converted into direct current; they are compact, do not have cables, but not all devices support wireless charging.

     Wired devices are also divided into two types:

    • adapters - special adapters from the cigarette lighter to the USB cable; with all the positive qualities, they become useless if the cable is forgotten, lost, out of order;
    • a full-fledged charger, with a cable inseparable from the unit.

    Output current

    To charge a smartphone, a value of 1 A is sufficient, a current of 2 A is necessary for a tablet. It is better to purchase an accessory with great value: it is universal and suitable for both cases. And the controller available in modern smartphones will protect the smartphone from excess current.


    The value of this value must obey the following rule: the voltage on the charging mechanism can exceed the voltage on the gadget's battery by no more than 5%. Otherwise, there is a risk of overheating of the charger and its failure.

    Car charger adapter plug Features


    If the design is wired, then experts recommend charging with a twisted cable. This type of wire is much less likely to break than a conventional wire. And it will be much easier to adjust its length during operation.

    In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to the connection points of the wire with the block and the plug. There should be a special corrugated insert. It will protect the elements from various damages and make the connection safe and reliable.

    Adapter plug Number of ports

    One of the most important criteria You can choose a universal option - a car charger with two ports - 1 and 2 A, or you can choose a device with a large number of ports, depending on the number of people transported and your needs.


    Based on the material of manufacture, you can choose metal or plastic devices. . But with careless handling or a faulty cigarette lighter, such models can cause a short circuit.

    How to choose a car charger without evaluating its capabilities?

    Depending on the model, auto-charging may have a number of additional functions:

    • charging equipment of passengers who are in the back seat: thanks to a remote connection unit with an extended cable;
    • message about the health of the mechanism and readiness for work: using the backlight, especially noticeable in a dark cabin;
    • informing about the current voltage and the degree of charge of the gadget: on the LED display;
    • Transferring music from a smartphone to a radio: using FM transmitters.

    How to connect a car charger?

    Before choosing a specific model, you need to think about how to connect a car charger. For this, the location of the cigarette lighter in the cabin is evaluated. If it is in close proximity to the driver's right hand, then it is better to purchase a compact version. If the location of the future charging is far away, then a model that protrudes sufficiently from the cigarette lighter is suitable: it is easier to connect the cable.

    How can we judge Originals or copy charger?

    This issue is of concern both from the point of view of safety and reliability, and from the point of view of material costs. But products from an unknown manufacturer are not necessarily low quality. On the market, you can choose products that are not inferior in their characteristics to the original ones, without overpaying for the brand.

    Car chargers for smartphones stand out for their compactness. They take up some space in the cigarette lighter and slightly protrude above the surface of the socket.

    No need to judge by the size of the device about what it has, for example, power. The dimensions do not say anything about the quality of charging.
    car charger adapter plug 2022

    How are many types of car charger adapter plug?

    The vast majority of car chargers are a compact cylinder with 1-2 USB connectors. At the same time, we note that there are also such models that have a remote connector block This option is suitable for someone who often travels on the roads with a large company in his car while traveling.

    IMPORTANT! If someone in the car has one cigarette lighter socket, then he can buy a charger that has a pass-through cigarette lighter socket. This device has USB ports for gadgets and a cigarette lighter input. You can connect a radar detector to it. Such, in particular, can be a car refrigerator.

    Charging for a smartphone in a car: how to choose?  Photo 1

    Chargers that have only one USB output are already yesterday. Today, the situation is such that even cheap models have a couple of connectors. Even if you're traveling alone on your four-wheeled property and you don't need to charge anything other than your smartphone, sometimes you still need a second USB and it will come in handy.

    IMPORTANT! For those who like to while away the time on long trips with the whole family, a couple of USB outputs may not be enough. Therefore, we recommend that you look at chargers that have at least 3 outputs. It is only important that its power is sufficient to power several smartphones at once.

    How to choose the right power

    Charging for a smartphone in a car:

    How to choose?

    It's no exaggeration to say that power output is the most important parameter in a charger. It depends on it how quickly the smartphone can charge, and whether it will charge at all.

    The minimum power per port found in car chargers is 5W, or 1A when converted to current. Note that manufacturers mainly indicate in the characteristics not power, but current strength.