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    Distinct features of Blue EC5 connector plug

    What are connectors & Blue EC5 connector plug?

    The connection between the battery and the RC power system is made simple and practical via connectors. Connectors are what carry the power, whether it's in your helicopter or touring vehicle. By doing so, the machine is powered up and the electric circuit is complete. There are many different perspectives on how to define connectors, so it's crucial to get this right. Ordering a lot of one sort of plug only to discover it's the wrong one may be demoralizing. Male or female styles of "pin" or housing are frequently described in this way. The male side has the pin, whereas the female side has the socket. Blue EC5 connector plug may also be explained by doing the same technique, but with a male plug side and female socket side housing.


    What is a plug?


    The plug is defined as a device that connects an appliance to the mains electrically. It consists of an insulated housing with metal pins that slide into socket holes.


    Different types of connectors:


    The market now includes a variety of connector types. For example: Molex, JST, T-plug, EC3, EC5, XT30, and XT60, etc. Each of them varies in size, has unique characteristics that are employed in various applications, and carries a different amount of current.
    Two of the most used connections in RC are EC3 and EC5. As we go further in this essay, we will learn more about the features of the Blue EC5 connector plug. So, hold on!

    What is a Blue EC5 connector plug?


    This RC battery connector type has 5mm bullet pins and is bigger than the EC3 connector. Because there is more surface area for every interaction, they are superior. They have a load capacity of up to 120 amps and a burst capacity of about 150 amps. They are ideal for use with large-scale electric aircraft and electric heels in the size 700–800.


    A quick comparison between EC3 and EC5 connections:

    • In a nutshell, EC5 connections are an improvement over EC3 connectors. They are more powerful, bigger, and longer. Like EC3, EC5 connections also have plastic housings.
    • Similar to EC3 connections, EC5 connectors have hollow ends that make it easy to solder wires to them. EC5, however, utilizes 5 mm bullet pins. The 5mm bullet pins are less resistant than the 3mm pins. As a result, they have a higher current capacity than 3mm pins. Their ability for current flow is impacted by this resistance.
    • Connecting and unplugging EC3 connections is difficult. You'll find it difficult to unplug them after you've connected them. Additionally, soldering them might be rather difficult.
    • EC5 connections are challenging to break, the link is more secure. EC5 connections, on the other hand, are quite simple to solder and connect.
    • The batteries from RC cars may also be used with EC5 connectors. In essence, they function perfectly so long as the battery is a maximum 2200mah 3S battery.
    • The majority of large-scale RC helicopters and planes in the 700–800 class use EC5 connections. Additionally, they work with any other batteries that have a capacity greater than 2200mAh 3S. Even 12S Li-Po-powered RCs can utilize it, in all seriousness.
    • Up to 60amp current may be carried via EC3 connections. It also has a burst of 75 amps. However, EC5 can load current up to 120 amps with a burst of about 150 amps.
    • We can thus state with certainty that EC5 has a larger current capacity. They do, however, have their unique applications because of their various current capabilities.
    • You are free to substitute alternative plugs for the EC5 to accommodate all vehicles without needing to purchase an additional battery. Most commercial Li-Po chargers are compatible with it.
    • EC5 plugs are less expensive and more widely accessible.


    How burst power is defined?


    Burst power denotes the capacity of an amplifier to carry more current than its regular capabilities. Burst power also makes sure that the system is free of distortion. However, it only lasts a very little time.


    Key features of Blue EC5 connector plug:


    Amount of current EC5 carry:

    A medium RC Li-Po class, EC3, has a current carrying capacity of up to 60amps. EC5, on the other hand, is a big Li-Po connection. It has a 120 amp load capacity.


    Bullet pin:

    3mm bullet pins are used by EC3. However, EC5 requires 5mm bullet pins to work.


    Easy to hold:

    It is aesthetically appealing to work with EC5 connections and very simple to hold.


    Protection against reverse polarity:

    When the source or load wires for charging purposes are connected improperly, that is, when the source or load Positive is connected to the battery's Negative terminal and the source or load Negative is linked to the positive terminal, this is known as battery reverse polarity. EC5 connections protect shorting and reversing the polarity.


    Applications of Blue EC5 connector plug:


    These are superior technology suitable for the sophisticated applications used today. Every desk should have high-quality EC5 connections as a standard. Connectors, leads, and accessories for EC5 operate with any battery, Power Meter, charger, ESC, etc., and are ideal for electric power applications. For high-power applications, they are perfect.




    No matter what RC device you own, there will be a battery connector for the applications. When making your choice, keep in mind how simple they are to solder, and the current carrying capacity of the socket. By making sure you've chosen the perfect one, the setup will function properly with minimal power loss or excessive heat, and you will spend less time soldering these battery connectors and more time enjoying your favorite RC product! With durability and convenience in mind, Kelemax designs its high-quality products, which are preferred. The Blue EC5 connector plug from kelemax is an ideal choice for RC products.

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