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    An overview of XT90 to XT60 Battery Adapter

    Things to Know about XT90 to XT60 Battery Adapter

    To complete the electrical circuit and let the current flow from the battery to the ESC and other electronic components, the Li Po Battery Connector provides a simple and convenient way to connect Li Po battery packs into a power system. Due to some of the qualities mentioned in this article, XT90 to XT60 Battery Adapters are worth-purchasing adapter.


    XT60 Connectors:


    Bullet pins are stuck within the yellow nylon cased plug of the Xt60. Although the XT connection sizes vary greatly, they are all the same size.
    Xt60 performed best than any other battery connection in terms of connection quality. It provides the RCs with a strong link. Because of this, both the user and the vehicle are kept safe.


    XT90 Connectors:


    Electric vehicle battery packs and other RC or drone applications frequently employ the XT90 battery connection. A built-in load resistor is included in the XT90-S version to prevent the sparks that typically happen when connecting battery terminals. XT90 They are capable of handling 100 Amps constantly without going above 80°C and are rated for 100 Amp duty.


    Difference between XT90 and XT60 Connectors:


    XT90 to XT60 Battery Adapters are safe-to-use connectors and a slight difference they have is:



    The difference between an xt60 connection and an xt90 connector that can be seen is their size. The differences are difficult to distinguish from the outside. They both have a similar appearance.


    There isn't much of a rivalry between the xt60 and xt90 because they are both excellent. These connections can help you do your task quickly and accurately. This is dependent on the kind of battery you're using and how much amperage it requires.


    However, xt90 requires just a little effort whereas xt60 requires a little soldering.


    Price-wise, xt60 is a little less expensive than xt90.


    Batteries of 4 to 5 cells work well with the XT60. For 6-cell batteries, it also performs admirably. The amp rating for the XT60 connection is 60.
    The XT90 connections may now accommodate batteries with up to 6–8 cells. should be utilized if you are consistently drawing more than 90 amps. due to the 90 amp rating of the xt90 connection. In this situation, using xt90 will stop your battery from melting.


    Soldering technique:


    A solid core or stranded wire conductor is joined to a contact via the soldering technique, which includes first melting and then cooling a tin or lead alloy into solder cups. For all heavy-duty and industrial applications requiring dependable signal and power connections, solder-terminated connectors are advised. XT60 Provides easy solder capacity.
    The opposing solder terminals of an XT60 connection have plenty of room to work with, making it one of the simpler connectors to solder. To insulate the negative and positive terminals, they still need heat shrink. These connections, which have lower amp ratings, were formerly highly common, particularly with electric RC cars, trucks, and boats.


    How to solder and use XT90 Connector:


    To prevent unintentional short circuits, the female connector is often attached to the battery terminals. We must utilize the cradle pins, which are the half-cylindrical soldering pins given, to solder an XT-90 connection. We can pour solder more simply and create a sturdy mechanical coupling with the aid of this half-cylindrical form. The battery terminal wire that has to be connected must first be tinned before being brought in touch with the heated cradle pins and heated together to fuse them. Cover it with a heat shrink tube or boot cover after the soldering is complete.
    The XT-90S connectors require two clicks to connect to complete the connection. To lessen the likelihood of unintended shorts, place the connector's female end on the battery side.
    A single battery side should be worked on at a time. After stripping, soldering, and shrink-tubing the negative side, you may do the same for the positive side. When soldering a live battery pack, proceed with extreme care.


    How to use XT60 Connector:


    A power connection frequently used with lithium-polymer batteries is the XT60. It consists of gold-plated brass pins and a strong, fireproof outer shell. These pins can accommodate wires up to 12AWG, and the brass covering makes it simple to solder them. The connector's asymmetrical design makes it challenging to attach in reverse.


    When to use XT90 to XT60 Battery Adapter:


    An XT60 plug is a great option for the batteries to charge with a connector because it is significantly smaller than the XT90 plug. You should only advise using the XT90 connections as the main power connectors when any actual battery pack that can deliver burst or continuous power at above 40 Amps. The XT90 connections are just slightly more costly than the XT60 and can handle over 4000W of power. It is always preferable to overbuild yourself rather than utilize the bare minimum that will get you by.


    Lithium-Polymer Batteries are considered suitable:


    Many power tool manufacturers have started testing and adopting pouch cell Li-Po batteries Pouch cell Li-Po batteries provide higher performance and more slick operation since they have high discharge rates and have a continuous current up to 50c and pulse current up to 150c. Additionally, the RCs, UAVs, and drones require a high C-rate.


    Applications of XT90 to XT60 Battery Adapter:


    XT90 to XT60 Battery Adapter has a wide range of applications in various fields including:


    • Connectors for battery packs in electric vehicles.
    • Solar battery connection terminals.
    • Used as connectors for RC batteries.
    • Used for drone or multi-copter batteries.

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    XT90 to XT60 Battery Adapter is preferred over other connectors because of its low cost and ease to use capability. Since many years ago, Kelemax has worked to make our customers' lives easier while providing high-quality products. No need to worry about your batteries now. Your batteries can operate for a long time with these battery adapters from Kelemax, and safety is guaranteed. Your trust in our company will be our utmost desire.