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    4 Wire Connector Plugs: Function and Properties


    Firstly, the 4 wires connector plugs connecting too many devices in our homes, a myriad of cables and connectors use. Sometimes it is a bit difficult to recognize them and often their characteristics are not known. As for audio systems, banana connectors are one of the most popular and popular solutions.

    4 Wire Connector Plugs

    4 wire connector plug performance

    As well, hi - Fi enthusiasts know very well that cables are a fundamental part of the performance of their Hi-Fi system. When we talk about cables, we are not referring only to the wire, but also to the connectors:

    4 wire connector plug allow you to create effective and safe connections, capable of guaranteeing high-level performance for a very long time.


    Secondly, the shape of the banana connectors is easily distinguishable: inside the pole that protrudes from the cylinder there is a spring that gives the connector a rounded appearance, making it resemble the fruit from which it takes its name. The spring has the task of ensuring the stability of the connection once the connector inserts into a socket.

    They use 4 wire connector plugs to create a stable, high-quality connection between surround receivers and speakers. Using these banana connectors avoids having to use stripped cables in the connections:

    It is true that "bare" copper guarantees the best signal transmission, but it is equally true that it oxidizes very quickly , compromising its qualities very quickly.


    To be sure of having a valid tool, it is advisable to contact industry experts who know how to recommend the best products available on the market. In this sense, in the “4 wire connector plug connectors” section of the RS Components portal it is possible to find the models of the best brands at advantageous prices.

    Just select the features you want and only the models that are suitable for use display on the screen. Search filters cover termination method, rated voltage and current, contact type and plating, connector size, materials, gender and color.

    Just click on an item to see its details: here are the technical specifications and other details relating to the product.


    As well as, banana4 wire connector plugs widely uses because they allow you to benefit from several advantages. First of all, as mentioned, they prevent the cable from oxidizing; therefore they guarantee high quality over time. They ensure a solid, practically permanent connection. Then they represent an effective protection for both the cable and the equipment to which they connect.

    To this we must add other secondary benefits: they are aesthetically very nice to see and above all they are very easy to connect. In fact, you do not have to use screwdrivers or other special tools:

    Just insert the male connector into the female connector and you're done. Precisely for this ease of use they are preferred to spade connectors, which require a few more steps.

    Which type of banana plugs are identifiable

    In addition to the standard model, which is the most common, other types of 4 wire connector plug are identifiable. There are for example the so-called split bananas, reed bananas, spring bananas and expanding bananas.

    The various types distinguish by the mechanism that guarantees the stability of the connection with the device (amplifier or loudspeaker).

    Very common to hook-up fans, and as popular as SCART cable and coaxial cable, banana plugs are electrical connection devices. Even for public use, all mounting equipment should be handled with care.

    This involves knowing the function of banana plugs. At the same time, you have to know how to use them. And of course, before use, have a good idea of ​​the price of the product.

    1. 4 wire connector plug functions

    The banana plug is an electrical engineering tool. It connects with an electric wire. Thanks to it, you can quickly connect this wire to a suitable female terminal, whether it is: power supply terminal, test point, or input of a measuring instrument.

    From a practical point of view, the banana plug is the best option for unplugging and direct plugging in your speakers. It prevents short-circuits and increases safety, especially when using large diameter cables.

    In addition, by providing the amp cable connection, it provides more audio power: more bass, greater extension of the sound stage.

    4 Wire Connector Plugs 2022

    2. Tips for use banana 4 wire connector plug

    Furthermore, a 4 wire connector plug consists of three parts: the body, the clamping screw and the middle piece for compressing the cable. Here are simple guidelines to follow. Fully unscrew the tightening screw to drop the cover.

    To install, strip the cable and tighten the screw firmly. Sometimes the banana plugs come out of the borders; don't panic, just check that the connection between the plugs and the terminal blocks is correct. The use of banana plugs is within everyone's reach, as long as the precautions are taken and the installation is well respected.

    3. Price samples for connector plug

    In addition, note first that there are different colors of 4 wire connector plug. Our prices are valid for all colors. 2mm banana plugs: €0.60. 2mm chassis sockets: €0.45. The, 2 mm sockets for printed circuit: 0.50€. 4 mm banana plugs for panels: €0.70. 4 mm banana plugs to be soldered: €0.60. Screw-on banana plugs: €0.80.

    4 wire connector plug for transplanting: €0.90. Molded 4mm banana plugs: €1.80. Retractable 4mm banana plugs: €2.40. Male safety plugs with quick coupling: €2.85. (Prices recorded in August 2011)

    How to connect your HP cables equipped with banana plugs?

    It might sound a little silly to some, but when you want to connect an HP cable equip with banana plugs, it is necessary to check if the terminal block of the amplifier does not have a flange or a plug.

     If this is the case, it must remove either using a small hook (in the case of a flange with a central hole), or by gently pulling on it with the fingernails or loosening it with a pick.


    Once again, don't force it, and remember to screw the terminal block tight before removing this little piece of plastic that bothers you so much. It is all the same a pity that most manufacturers do not mention it in the instructions for their 4 wire connector plug products...