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Wires & Connectors development and customMain products: Banana plugs, other plugs, battery harnesses, drone harnesses,
wireless adapters, electric vehicle harnesses
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Dongguan Kele Power Electronics Co., Ltd
Unique connectors and wiring harness products Focus on the development and customization of wiring harnesses and connectors
Dongguan Kele Power Electronics Co., Ltd.

Dongguan Kele Power Electronics Co., Ltd. (Previous name: EST-CONN Electronics Co., Ltd.) focus on Wires and Connectors development, custom and production. Our products are widely applied in these fields: Drones, Lipo batteries, B6 chargers, Robots, Vehicles and related industries. We have successfully developed several different unique connectors and wiring harnesses for customers. Such as a wire harness that is resistant to gasoline and 15000 bends(Design standard is 8000, while both Teflon and silicone wires do not meet the standard).

We already have 1 patent at present, the second one will be approved around October or November.

We are welcome the following requirements:

1. Wanted to develop exclusive connectors

2. Needed high current connectors in the Drone market or other market.

3. Alternative products or solutions for other connectors

4. Unable to meet MOQ(minimum order quantity)requirements of other companies.

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Dongguan Kele Power Electronics Co., Ltd

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